Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cloud Conferences Financial Information: discounted rates - costs - destination of proceeds

Discounted rates: Having done the research, the bad news is that the technological and labour set-up costs, but more crucially, the set-up time for a payment system that allows voluntary or even just discounted payments, is unrealistic for this event. It requires purchasing and manually setting up a completely new charging platform, website, merchant account, plus annual subscription and transaction fees. The good news is that I am confident that, if together we make this conference succeed, it will be in place for the next event in the New Year, so cost will no longer be a barrier to anyone anywhere from then on. I am thinking of using -if anyone knows a better and quick way around this so I could offer such discounted access, let me know privately. The spirit is willing but the logistics are weak.

Costs: The cost areas of this event include the purchase of a customised technology platform; additional storage costs for 24hrs' worth of the entire event recording, including group discussion and chat; approximately 1.5 full time professional workers at this stage, possibly more nearer or during the event; possible added production costs for art installation. I am hopeful that the participation of all of you in making this event possible will also make it financially viable and hopefully self-sustaining.

Destination: Proceeds from this event will go into a legally constituted, asset/profit locked Community Interest Company ( The proceeds of this first Cloud Conference will allow not only these Cloud Conferences to continue, but to incubate a broader application of the template we are testing. The ultimate aim is to leverage online events to dynamically connect cutting-edge thought, grassroots participation, and immediate action on a global scale to a wide range of pressing social challenges, and thus, in some measure, in some way, collectively change the world.

Any further questions please message me separately to avoid excessive traffic for your many guests who have not yet expressed an interest in attending.

May this information convey the spirit that animates this initiative, and be in tune with your own spirit, since it is from that connection of spirits and intentions that true service, I believe, springs.

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