Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cloud Conference Programme: The Latest

It had to happen. The Cloud Conferences are here. Bringing together leading authors, young scholars, two live concerts with outstanding professional musicians in a variety of genres performing across continents, a global arts installation showcasing the work of professional artists from across the planet in painting, photography, film, animation, and through those media, also sculpture, crafts, poetry and dance, with the opportunity for group interaction, discussion and collaborations, we will together harn
ess the power of the internet to achieve new levels of engagement, consultation and inspiration in the rigorous, diverse and inclusive venture that is Baha'i scholarship and vibrant, creative arts.
Please if you can register your interest in coming at the facebook event page:

To keep in touch with the event as it evolves, ask questions, make suggestions, or offer artistic input or recommendations join the Cloud Conferences Facebook Group, where you can also hear about future events and spinoffs.

I will be tweeting news as they unfold (confirmed live artists, new speakers, presentation titles, visual artists to be exhibited, exciting partnerships, calls for help, happy or meaningful milestones).
Join me on Twitter to be kept in touch.

Most of the questions you're likely to have, how to register, fees, timezones, etc., are covered in the FAQ.  Do not hesitate to message or email me with any queries or offers (volunteers always wanted!)

Programme Structure

The programme will run from 9am GMT to 9pm GMT. This will allow every timezone to catch at least one panel of leading scholars, one live concert and one global arts exhibit, most, all if I calculated the hrs correctly, will be able to catch at least two thirds live. 

Everyone will have access to the full recorded conference so no one will miss anything.The event will be structured as follows (GMT times= timezone +0hrs):

9-11am: first panel of three speakers, including questions and discussion
11am-2pm: live concert and global arts installation
2pm-4pm: second panel of three speakers, including questions and discussion
4pm-7pm: live concert and global arts installation
7pm-9pm: third panel of speakers, including questions and discussion
In the course of the day there will be three breakout rooms (BR)BR 1 - Scholarship: Participants can carry on discussing the concepts and ideas of the talksBR 2 - Arts: Participants can interact with the artists and/or explore the inspiration of the concerts or the installationBR3 - Action Lab: Participants can exchange thoughts on action initiatives they feel inspired and stimulated to take in the coming 3 months. Sharing those ideas might trigger consultation, collaborations and replications. Participants will be encouraged but not expected to leave a record the initiatives they have decided to take, for others to gain ideas and inspiration and also as a way to evaluate and reflect on one of the magical impacts of this encounter of souls.


(one more to come):

Robert Stockman (USA): author of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in America

Jan Jasion (France): author of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in France and of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in the West, A Biographical Guide to 'Abdu'l-Bahá's Western Travels

Arthur Dahl (Switzerland): President of the International Environment Forum and former Deputy Director at the United Nations Environment ProgrammeGloria Yazdani (Canada): Artist, human rights activist and former co-editor of the Online Journal of Baha'i Studies

Steven Cooney (New Zealand): Independent scholar and editor the Baha'i Studies Review

Paula Bidwell (USA): Lakota Indian artist and Baha'i scholar.

Jack McLean (Canada): poet and scholar, author of the book Dimensions in Spirituality: Reflections on the Meaning of Spiritual Life and Transformation in Light of the Bahá'í Faith.

Gamal and Somaya Hassan (Uganda): Translators of 'Abdu'l-Baha's Western talks into Arabic and scholars of the Baha'i Faith in the African continent.

Artists include:

Joel Grainger (UK) - Violinist

Devon Gundry (USA) - Singer-songwriter, CEO of SoulPancake

Justin Baldoni (USA) - Film Maker, Actor

Elika Mahony (China)- Pianist and Composer

Zafarullah Hassim (Uganda) - Film maker

Corinne Randall (UK) - Painter

Kevin Locke (USA) - Award winning Lakota Flutist, Dancer and Storyteller

The Bird and the Butterfly (UK) - Acoustic folk

Andrea Hope (USA) - Poet

Sky (Greece) - Vocal ensemble

Misha Mayernick (USA) - Fine Artist

Paula Bidwell (USA) - Lakota jeweller and fine artist

Mitra Docherty (Canada) - Photographer

More in the wings!

Participants at the conference will be as much protagonists as audience, the simple and accessible online conference platform making possible an unprecedented degree of interaction, reflection, discussion and exchange. Sitting back and simply listening and enjoying is also OK. Outstanding participant contributions and conversations will be featured in the conference proceedings, subject to previous consent.

Volunteers wanted!

And artistic and musical contributors still welcome to submit their expressions of interest.

See you all there: it is your already amazing response what is making this emerging creation manifest.

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