Saturday, September 1, 2012

Live Concert and Art Gallery in the Cloud!

I am very excited to announce that the Cloud Conference has just grown wings.  In addition to 9 remarkable speakers, we will have the first ever online live concert and the first ever curated online art gallery exhibiting an installation from artists around the globe. A range of musicians will be playing live  from their dens from all parts of the world. A host of painters, photographers, film makers, animators, poets, dancers, artisans, sculptors, will be exhibiting their work.

This will all take place in between the scholarly panels of speakers exploring the legacies and contemporary resonances of 'Abdu'l-Baha.  If you are an artist, and would like your work to be part of this installation, let me know.

Confirmed artists include, at least:

The Bird and the Butterfly (UK) - acoustic devotional folk

Kevin Locke - Award winning Lakota Flutist, Dancer and Storyteller

Misha Mayernick (USA) - Fine Artist

Elika Mahony (China) - Pianist

Sky (Greece) - Vocal ensemble

Derek Thompson (UK) - Photographer

Joel Grainger - (UK) Violinist

Andrea Hope (USA) - Poet

Cardiela Amezcua (Mexico) - Contemporary dancer

Corinne Randall (UK) - Painter

Mitra Docherty (Canada) - Photographer

Paula Bidwell (USA) - Lakota jeweller and fine artist

More in the wings!

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