Sunday, October 7, 2012




This is it! The real caboodle, the big day, the moment of truth, and the experiment come alive. In six days' time. From your prayers and positive thoughts, may these coming days gather the spiritual momentum to be of true service.

It is recommended you register in the coming 3 days to make sure any unlikely problems in this wonderful experiment can be sorted on time. Registration however is open until the same day (Saturday 13)

Please read carefully the notes below with the modifications to the original format now I have learned the technical and financial constraints of this individual initiative.

*Only those who register through the new link will be able to attend the conference (not those who have just clicked "going" here.

*The event should be accessible from any computer, and there is an app for mobile phones and tablets (which I haven't tried yet but will!).

* Clarification: The event will take place at UK times, which at this time of the year is GMT+1. Check the timezone difference to make sure you know what time the lectures and artistic presentations will be in your own timezones. The sessions will be 9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm 7pm-9pm. The sessions may last a bit longer. It is recommended you log-in to the class 15mins earlier to make sure you can sort out any unlikely problems.

* It will NOT be possible to record the event, which means it can only be attended live. The time-zones furthest from GMT should be able to catch at least two of the three sessions, and most will be able to catch all three. The event will run from 9am to 7pm UK time, with people being able to "enter" the conference from 8:30am

* There will be no "breakout rooms", but interactivity will still be very much a part of this via live chat in the main event, plus the possibility of private chat between participants.

* The cost of the event will now be reduced to $20USD/£12GBP. Technical constraints mean no concessions are possible. Speakers and performers will not pay.

* The rest of the event structure remains the same: 3 panels with the same wonderful speakers and two sessions of an artistic programme. The exact artistic programme is being finalised. Live music may or may not be possible subject to technical issues I am still working with. But there will be amazing music, film and visual arts for sure.

* Any queries or comments please write to me privately so as not clutter people's inbox.

Thanks for your powerful encouragement and enthusiasm which has already made this an inspiring and memorable journey and a massive learning experience.

We are nearly there. Your prayers for the success of this effort of service we have all created will be warmly appreciated.

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